The 10 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

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Weight-LossDiet, beyond an effort to reach your ideal weight, it has become a frequent companion of the modern woman throughout her life, from 18 to 65 years old. According to nutrition expert Ruben Bravo Medical Institute and spokesman for European Obesity (IMEO), “if we make an estimate, we surprised them the time they spend watching what they eat: they are able to perform an average of 94 diets, 4 each week, equivalent to a total of eight years. This concern of staying fit naturally, as the weight of women is bound to fluctuate due to moments of physical change and / or hormonal important, like having a child, emotional factors derived from personal relationships, menopause or the environment labor.

Better to lose weight slowly

However, national statistics indicate that 44.6% of Spanish overweight. This shows that most of these women do not get rid of the extra kilos and the fact they are loaded at least two diets every year, especially in the post-Christmas and known as ‘Operation Bikini’ of summer, suggesting that recover fail to lose any weight.”If we set a real goal in the diet, as it lost two or three kilos in one month instead of ten, at the end of the year we will have achieved an important step towards our goal that would not cost us much to maintain,” says Bravo. It is logical that if, after passing through a low calorie diet, return to previous habits, body weight gain, weight can reach up higher than we had before starting the diet, and you want to ensure survival through sufficient reserves when it returns this diet that is imposed.

Some studies warn that increasingly fewer Spanish who follow the Mediterranean diet in 2010 declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. More than a system, it is a healthy lifestyle with a balanced and varied diet, low in saturated fat and rich in fiber and antioxidants. But in a society plagued by high rates of obesity and overweight, priorities have changed and what you are looking for the most part, no doubt, is a diet that allows you to lose weight fast.

The 10 most common mistakes
1. Choosing random diet is just as bad to be a ‘perpetual diet’: often forgotten that diet, like a suit, must be as. “Jumping from one diet to another to try to lose weight is a big mistake, because in the end just slowing down our metabolism, increasing cortisol levels thus so will the stress, anxiety and our tendency to store fat,” says Bravo. If we want to lose weight, it is essential to consult a specialist.

2. Set ourselves very high targets in the short term many people are entering the rush on certain occasions, either to ‘look little guy at a wedding’ or to ‘stand the test of swimsuit’, pretending to lose 10kg in a month. A goal so high in such a short time jeopardizes the success of the mission. “The healthy and effective is to lose 1kg a week, 1.5 Kg if we perform physical activity, weight above it run the risk of rebound effect, losing mostly water and muscle mass, and a few days to find irritable, apathetic and weaknesses, “says the expert IMEO.

3. Skipping meals: is shown to perform about five meals a day helps monitor the diet.Food intake should be every three or four hours. This favors an increased metabolic rate and helps to prevent anxiety and less hungry to get to the next meal.

4. Remove any food group or that give us pleasure: “to lose weight effectively, avoiding the rebound effect in the medium and long term, do not remove or proteins or fats, and carbohydrates; simply to reduce food intake and increase some other, leaving pleasure objects except for the weekend, “advises the specialist.

5. The same menu every day: the lack of variety in a diet makes us bored and tired of it after a while.

6. Do not drink water during the meal: nothing is further from reality, for drinking water in our food not only slimline, but increases levels of satiety and make us eat less. “Water denatured food when metabolize and slows our digestion, focusing directly on the digestive acidity levels, so it is essential in the intake,” says Bravo.

7. The “light” too fat: it is common that when we introduce a diet food with fewer calories or Light in the diet.However, many times to know that these less fattening foods, we tend to consume more. In the end, the result may be in a caloric equal to the original food.

8. Dinner only fruit: although fruits provide us with plenty of water and vitamins, you should also keep in mind that contain simple sugars that are digested quickly and precisely give us energy we do not need to last the day.The ideal is to eat the fruit alone, so nutrients are better absorbed, or half an hour before meal for their satiating effect.

9. Many diet, but little exercise: lose weight is to get to spend more calories than our body needs for it to turn to fat stores for energy. When we are on a diet restrict energy intake, but what happens when we turn to diet and increase your daily calories?Physical activity makes our caloric expenditure is greater and, therefore, that consuming the same calories not fatten. It also promotes the metabolism and releases endorphins that make us feel better.

10.  Check compulsive scale: impatience often quick weight loss plays a trick on us. Hunger spent a day out is not reflected immediately in the scale and, therefore, no cause for despair if today we weigh the same as yesterday or even a few grams more, after taking a lot of water. Nutritionists advise weighed not compulsively, much less every day or excessively. The ideal would be to check the scale once a week, to be possible in the morning and always at the same time.