The crisis fattening


woman eatingThe anxiety about unemployment and consumption of cheaper, less nutritious, it shows in the balance of women. And so we find, distressed by the socio-economic situation of our family, the country, and angry because that pants last season and outgrown us, for obvious reasons, we have no margin to renew all the costumes.

Is that women get fat with the crisis. The information comes from an analysis by experts of the European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO) towards the last World Obesity Day. The latest statistics place women in the focus of this XXI century epidemic and the report «XXLW Generation,» published recently by the IPSOS-company specializing in identifying the behaviors, attitudes and opinions of society, realizes that effectively socioeconomic imbalances by passing through many countries, cases of obesity are skyrocketing.

They say that women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, and these situations of crisis, loss of jobs and resources affect a large percentage of your eating. Hormones such as estrogen, endogenous opioids, the youth hormone, the sulfatodehidro-epiandroestendiona, progesterone and testosterone, among others, form a cocktail that influences the way they behave, to feel sadness or joy and face food , and makes them more susceptible to emotional eaters than men.

In the case of serotonin, known as the «happiness hormone», it has been observed that women produce 52 percent less in their brains than men. And if this also reduces neurotransmitter decisive mood, increases feelings of sadness and discouragement.

Ever happened in a fit of sadness felt ice cream or chocolate were able to change their lives? The reason: sweet foods increase serotonin levels causing a momentary anxiolytic and antidepressant effect.

Therefore, dealing with crises living in different scales, European, Latin American and even the United States, it is best to get moving and not just to find alternative livelihoods. With exercise, improves lung function, reduces bad cholesterol and body fat, lower anxiety levels and increases the feeling of well-being with the segregation of endorphin.

Have you gained weight in the middle of an economic crisis? What attribute it?