Modified endoscopic gastroplasty for the treatment of obesity

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Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is a safe and feasible treatment for obesity. This study is focused on our technique modification which suggests a different suturing pattern in order to distribute suture tension more evenly.


A retrospective study of 148 patients (121 women) who underwent this procedure and were monitored for 12 months was conducted. The average age was 41.53 ± 10 years. The average BMI was 35.11 ± 5.5 kg/m2 with the average initial weight being 98.7 ± 17 kg. A subgroup of the first 72 patients (60 women) were monitored for 18 months. A new running «Z» stitch pattern was used to provide gastric cavity reduction by means of 4 parallel suture rows. The stitch pattern was intended to provide a homogenous distribution of the disruptive force on the suture among all stitch points.


%TWL was 17.53 ± 7.57 in 12 months and 18.5 ± 9% in 18 months indicating durability of the procedure. Patients with a BMI < 35 benefited most from an endoscopic gastroplasty. Leptin did not predict a response to endoscopic gastroplasty and decreased in all patients. In just one case there was a mild bleeding (0.67%) at the insertion point of the helix, which was resolved by sclerotherapy.


Endoscopic gastroplasty offers a real choice for obese patients. This single-center experience with a modified suturing pattern provides a successful technique for weight loss.


Gastroplasty; Leptin; Overstitch; Sutures; Z pattern

PMID: 29492709

DOI: 10.1007/s00464-018-6133-0

Author information

IMEO Instituto Médico Europeo de la Obesidad, Madrid, Spain.

Graus Morales J1,2Crespo Pérez L3Marques A3Marín Arribas B3Bravo Arribas R3Ramo E3Escalada C3Arribas C3Himpens J4.

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