The diet antiinflamatoria

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The modification of the daily diet contributes to diminish the processes inflamatorios of any class and also help to reduce the consumption of medicines anti-inflammatories, remember the specialists of the Medical Institute European of the Obesity (IMEO).

“The diet antiinflamatoria bases , on the one hand, in the elimination of foods proinflamatorios like red meats, milk of cow, flours refinadas, simple sugars and fats trans”, explains the Dr. José Francisco Tinao of the IMEO. These last usually find in snacks and salty appetizers, products precocinados, cookies, margarines and bollería industrial. On the other hand, this type of diet requires more consumption of rich foods in acids omega 3, than do not produce internally in the organism and find especially in the blue fish and in the walnuts. His function is to improve the performance of the organism and reduce the inflammation. In this type of menu prevail the vegetables and complex cereals, the seeds without toasting and the white meats. The way to cook is very simple: to the iron, to the steam and to the oven.

The soluble fibres, that find in the apples, the walnuts and the oats, reduce the processes inflamatorios that cause the illnesses associated with the obesity and strengthen the immune system. This type of fibres, in addition to attracting water, able sound to diminish and do more slow the absorption of fats and azucares of the foods, by what contribute to regulate level them of cholesterol and of glucose in blood.

The plan of treatment, implemented by the Medical Institute European of the Obesity, provides evident improvements to the patient. The aim of this therapeutic process is to avoid the surgery and do without the medicines that can have secondary effects.

The support and the stimulation of the immune system basic sound for it prompt recovery. It is recommended suplementar the treatment with amino acids like glutamine, prolina, lisina or omega 3, without neglecting them probioticos. The use of farmacological doses requires that this therapeutic action realise under a medical control. Antioxidants like the cúrcuma, received in quantities adapted, do not take in showing his effect aliviante even in grave situations.

The intestinal illnesses are not a platitudinous process. The measures that take owe being swung with them farmacological usual and customised in each case.

The technicians mind-body help to the patient to manage the stress

The main guilty of these illnesses, according to the professional, is the stress. This explains why go in them affected often find directors or people than generally works under pressure, go in 30 and 50 years of age. The repetitive situations of stress inciden on which suffer these illnesses inflamatorias intestinal of form refusal. «For this reason, the technicians mind-body have to incorporate to the treatment», underlined the Dr. Tinao of the IMEO. «It is necessary to give instruments to the patient so that they are able to manage his stress, as well as attain that phases of rest or the dream are reparadores», added.

There is numerous publications on these relations and the western medicine in general is concienciada increasingly of this. You program like visualisation, relaxation or the realisation of technicians of cardiac coherence are useful instruments to tackle the problem, without having to resort to the compulsory use of tranquilizers.

Images of evolution of a patient with intestinal inflammation

The treatment helps to the patient to happen of a situation of process inflamatorio (signalled with red colour, pink and yellow) to value them of correct functionality (green, grey and blue).